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Website traffic-100% Best Method to get the traffic on the website 2022

WEB traffic
web traffic

Web Traffic is the most important factor for earning money from the website and getting AdSense approval also.

If any blogger needs to earn money then they also need the traffic so traffic is the main factor of revenue or earning the money and get the AdSense approval also.

In this article, we were delicious how to get the traffic? this is a big question so don’t forget to read the complete article and also follow us on yt,insta and FB page.

How to generate traffic to our website?

If you need to get google traffic or organic traffic then your Article must be 100% unique, genuine, or interesting also. Because people did not need to bore by reading your boring article. or your article boring then people not need to stay on your website.

So you always remember your article must be attractive, userfriendly, or interesting also.

Web traffic or website visitors who can only visit your website if your article is full of information or interesting.

Bounce rate is the most important factor, if your site maintains a good bounce rate then you can get the real visitor or the organic visitor.

SEO is another factor of the website visitor

if your Article is best or you can do the proper SEO then you can get the organic traffic.

There are many sources are where you can get the traffic.


If you have a youtube channel then you can get huge traffic.

you can upload a good video for a particular topic and you can also read articles using the same category. after that, you can add your article to your video description, if your video view is growing then you can also get the website visitor through the description link.

That is the best method for getting the view or website traffic.

mainly there are various methods are there to drive the traffic on their website

Topic and category is the most important factor for traffic.

if you write a post on a particular topic or a trading topic then you can get the traffic.

Basically, competition is the most important factor

if you write a post on a low competition keyword or low competition topic then you can get the traffic easily.

But finding or searching the low competition keyword is not an easy task.

but you can get the low competition keyword easily by using some tools.

How to get the low compedetion keyword

If you need the low competition keyword then you need to use your mind, you need to use google ads, Ahrefs, keyword planner, Suresh, Ubersugges, etc.

there are many free and paid keyword research tools are there

Free Keyword tools

  1. Google keyword planner.

2. Ubersuggest

Paid tools

  1. Ahrefs

2. Sumresh

Many people are using these tools for searching keywords like ahrefs and sumerash mainly.

mainly all are use this top free and paid tools for researching the keyword.

you can use this type of tools for researching the keyword and get the free traffic easily.


you know initeally there is not any traffic to your site so ypou can send some paid traffic initially to your website.

there are maney platform are there to promot your website.

like google ads,facebook ads,addstera ads, insta ads etc.

you can use the SMM paanel traffic to increase your website ranking on google.


you all are know how the important of web traffic. so as par our all the details article if you follow then you can easily get the traffic easily.

thanks for reading the complete article and following us on Instagram, Facebook page, and our youtube channel also.

thank you, Jay Hind

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