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Coin Jewelry

Coin Jewelry, Works of Art and Wealth

Coin jewelry has been around since the birth of the coin. At almost every archeological site, especially those of a city, one can expect to find some evidence of jewelry, most of it with real or fake coins. This tradition of creating jewelry out of coins is continued in today’s society with the adoption of the “birthday quarter” necklace and key chains.

While there is no clear reason for the need to create jewelry out of coins, one can speculate that it has something to do with showing one’s wealth. Although diamonds and gold are considered universal wealth, there is something to be said about the person who does not need the money and therefore can ruin it by making it into jewelry. Another reason that coin jewelry could be so popular is because it shows some patriotism. There is a sense of connection one gets by acquiring the coin with the country logos on it and making it into a piece of art.

Whatever the reason one decides to create jewelry out of the currency of a nation, most people do agree that it is beautiful. Coins can create a gorgeous sound when striking each other. The way the light bounces off the coin is also brilliant, especially for new coins. Coin jewelry can be of many different styles. Traditionally, the coins were built into a bracelet or necklace. Now, while these two styles are still popular, one can find earrings and key chains of the coins. It is also not uncommon to find different coins from different countries or coins from a homeland woven into jewelry. The different styles lends to the popularity and the fashion sense of the entire thing.

While certain styles of fashion come and go, one thing is for certain, coin jewelry will never stay out of style for long. It will not be long until a fashion designer thinks that he or she developed the first coin jewelry and the whole event begins anew.

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