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Coin Holders

Popular verses Effective Coin Holders

Coin holders have become ever more popular with the release of the States quarters. These quarters are decorated with various designs symbolizing the state of feature. These new and highly decorative quarters have become a great collecting item and the coin holders for these quarters are available everywhere, testifying to how popular these quarters have become.

The States quarters coin holders are nothing amazingly special. They are made of simple cardboard that is decorated to be a map of the United States of America. This cardboard map has holes in it that allow one to pop the quarter in either from the front or the back of the map. This map then holds the quarters securely, displaying them in the design of the map they represent.

While the States coin holder is the most popular of the coin holders because of the patriotic nature of the product, this type of coin holder is not the only type on the market. There are coin holders that protect the coin from all different conditions and seal the coin in plastic. For coin collectors, it is very common to see display cases used to house the coins and paper pockets holding the coins not on display. It is very important to the coin collectors to keep the coins in mint condition, so environment and contact is specially controlled.

While the cardboard coin holders that the public is so fascinated with is great for the casual collector, the true collectors do not bother with such designs. The cardboard holder does not offer the coin much more protection than the pocket does; it simply holds the coin away from the others so it is not spent. The cardboard holder does not prevent damage from the environment or impact.

The true collector will spend time finding the right paper or plastic pockets to prevent scratches or nicks in the coin. The coins will often be stored in plastic boxes that keep out dust and other contaminates while preventing damage. With coin collecting being such an expensive hobby, it is little wonder that the true coin collector will put such effort into finding the right coin holders.

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