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Coin Display

Coin Display Options

Coin collectors all over the world are intent on protecting their investments and heirlooms but unfortunately this often means that the individual coins are wrapped in paper or felt, delicately placed in a shoe box, and stashed in the back of the bedroom cupboard. There are, however, several options available to both protect and display your prized possessions for less money than you might think, simply using coin display cabinets.

Various companies offer different types of display options from simple tiered blocks, carved from solid oak, to mirrored displays in cherry finishes. While the tiered blocks keep your coins in pristine order they are open-air displays and so remain vulnerable to small hands attracted by shiny objects. The challenge mirrored displays, however, offer housing for up to 55 coins in an attractive hand-made oak case with a glass front to keep coins safe and a mirrored back panel to allow full display of the coins’ reverse sides. The smaller of the two houses 28 coins and measures 10 ½” x 13 ½” x 1 ½” deep keeping the unit snug against your wall. The biggest case measures a generous 15 ½” x 19 ½” and holds 55 coins with ease.

Another type is a specialist in single-coin displays and begins with attractive glass bells resting on your choice of rounded walnut or oak bases. The glass dome case is the perfect way to display a highly prized coin or medallion, and measuring in at 4”diameter and 4” high, will not crowd even the most petite mantle piece.

Another great option for coin displays is the beautifully crafted oak box with hinged lid magnetic closing mechanism. The box rests on four felt-tipped feet and measures in at 3” x 3” x 1 ¼”. Also available is the clear acrylic topped version, which allows the coin to be viewed even when the case is kept securely shut.

When looking for the best you can find places offering premium quality coin display racks, with a number of cases accented by brass plates intended for engraving and hidden drawers for the most valuable coins. The most popular model features a six tiered rack in solid maple with a rich cherry finish measuring 16” x 9” x 3 ¾”. The finish includes a 2” medallion of the Great Seal of the United States and can house up to 60 coins.

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