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Coin Dealer

Choosing a Coin Dealer

If you are an aspiring numismatist, or coin collector to the layman, it’s more than likely that you will be in need of a reliable coin dealer to evaluate your collection, turn you on to exciting new developments, and show you what to look out for before you blow your bonus on bogus coppers. Here are five quick and easy pointers to keep in mind before placing your peace of mind in the hands of a new coin dealer.

Experience in the field is of the utmost importance when searching for a new coin dealer and there is no better indication of experience than membership of one of the many numismatist societies. For a guarantee of knowledge accompanied by accurate advice always opt for a member of the Professional Numismatists Guild.

The experienced dealer is likely to have been in business for quite some time, so the next thing to keep in mind is longevity. How long has the shop been trading for? How long has the shop been managed by this particular dealer? The longer he has been in business, and the more successful he is, the greater the chance he’ll be around to resolve any problems you might have in the future.

Reliable coin dealers aspire to a code of ethics, as outlined by the Professional Numismatists Guild, and will always take the time to give a fair appraisal of a collection or coin no matter how insignificant it might seem. The care with which he handles his clients and their collections is a good indication of his ethics and a sound gauge of being assured a fair price when buying and selling.

The final step in selecting your coin dealer is to determine what recourse you may have should a coin or collection prove to be a fake. The dependable and honest dealer will have no qualms about replacing a coin with another of similar value should the piece prove to be a forgery, keeping you, the client, satisfied at all costs.

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