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Adsense approval tricks for blogger in 2022

Adsense Approval Tricks For Blogger In 2022
Adsense Approval Tricks For Blogger In 2022

A Blogger always needs to get AdSense approval To earn Money.

AdSense approval is not a big issue, if you follow our tricks then you can easily get the Adsense approval within 24 to 48 hours.

AdSense is a measure platform for a blogger if they earn money by using google ads

We are providing you the best method how to get the AdSense approval

Adsense is one of the best platforms or the no 1 platform for earn money if you are a blogger or YouTuber. is a Google platform, you can use for free if you need to create a website.

In this platform no need to buy hosting or not need to buy a domain also.

All things were free for a lifetime on this platform and you do not need to use PLUGIN on this platform.

so you do not need to pay any charge to any company.

Blogger Beginner Guide 2022

As a beginner on blogger, you need to follow some important steps.

If you need to earn money from bloggers then this is one of the best platforms for bloggers.

A Beginner doesn’t know how they do to make money online from bloggers. so we are providing the best step or point to earn money from bloggers.

Steps for creat a website on

You need to a Gmail account 1st. if you have then great, if you don’t have a Gmail account then you need to create a Gmail account 1st.

after adding your name date of birth or some basic details you can create a Gmail account easily

After creat a Gmail account then you can go to google and search or blogger

after that you n\eed to create an account on blogger, after filling in the simple information you can create an account on blogger and remember don’t skip adding a unique name of your blog or domain name(100% free domain name )

if you add your blogsite name like means that is a subdomain name if you can create a domain name like or then this is a domain but if you need a domain name like, in, etc then you need to buy a domain name.

there are many companies are there that can sell the domain name like Godaddy, Hostinger, Blue Host, etc.

After Buy a domain then you can easily add your custom domain to your blogger

If you are facing any problem with the “How to connect custom domain on blogger“click this link and read all the steps and watch complete also.

After completing all the steps you can use the platform for a lifetime.


If you need to earn more money or huge money then you need to shift the WordPress.if you need to know about word press then read the full article after clicking this link”How to create a website on word-press and how to get the Adsense approval”

After reading the complete article then you can clearly get all the information on how to complete all the processes.

Adsense approval tricks for blogger in 2022

After completing all the above information you need to add a list of 25+ articles with 1200 words.

then you can add your all article to the search console manually.

after adding all the articles you can wait for index articles 1 to 2 days

after that you need to create an AdSense connect using this same Gmail id.

Then you need to add your website to your AdSense Account.


if you do not write 100% unique article or if your article have not any sense then you not get AdSense approval.

so your article must be unique reliable copyright-free then you can get the AdSense approval easily with 24 to 48 hours.

Footer Credit Removal For Blogger theme

If you need to do a best-looking website or the interface is good and your website must be mobile-friendly. because of there are majority number of mobile user are there to search website on

if you need to remove the footer credit then you can need to read the full article “Remove the footer credit on your blogger theme or website”

Click this link and read the complete article and download the code ad paste this HTML code on your website footer.

after adding This HTML code you can check our Footer credit will remove.

footer credit like Copyright © 2022


After reading all the above points you must know what is the benefit or what is the drawback to creating a website on blogger and also you knowhow to easily get the Adsense approval within 24 to 48 hour

if you face any problem then you can contact me on mail

and also follow me on youtube, Facebook, instagram, telegram

so thanks for reading this article I hope you are like this

thank you


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